XXL sales vehicle from BORCO HÖHNS

Weekly market mobile based on Renault ATK

XXL sales vehicles with extendable sales counter, digital price tag rails and many other highlights

We think big – It is already the second XXL sales vehicle based on Renault ATK that we have delivered to our customer, master butcher Thomas Eisele. The vehicles have proven to be extremely reliable in daily use: “They are simply great vehicles! I felt very comfortable at BORCO HÖHNS and had a good feeling about the development of the vehicles. The competence in the BORCO team is enormous. I have great confidence in the company and I am more than satisfied with the result.” says Eisele on the cooperation with BORCO HÖHNS.

Lots of space inside

The vehicles have extensive and innovative equipment. Of course, the focus is always on the optimal presentation of goods. We have increased the standard counter depth here. Thanks to the electronically extendable counter, the Eisele team is also happy about the pleasant and comfortable work in the interior, which is up to approx. 1 m wider. The particularly low chassis is also well received by the employees, as it makes it easy to get into the large sales vehicles.

More than an eye-catcher: the digital price tag rail

Thanks to a new BORCO HÖHNS development, we were once again able to significantly improve the clear view of the valuable meat and sausage products: the innovative BORCO anti-fog system for the counter glazing ensures that the products can be seen even in adverse weather conditions (e.g. very high humidity ) remains free. In almost all cases, fogged-up counter panes due to external influences are a thing of the past.

Digitization is finding its way into the salesrooms more and more: in addition to the standards, such as e.g. B. digital checkout systems, these vehicles are equipped with digital price tag rails across the entire width of the counter. Short-term price adjustments, importing special offers, location-dependent prices or eye-catching animations – the electronic price tags attract attention and support you in maximizing your sales success.

Cooling options en masse!

Sufficient refrigeration facilities in the vehicles are essential for the large range of goods in the butcher’s shop. The extendable 6.40 m long MAXIMA TOP sales refrigerated counter offers the space for this. Refrigerators under the work surface, large tall refrigerators with revolving doors, refrigerated drawers and a special refrigerated display case with a glass front and hinged lid on the rear wall of the sales area offer additional space. Not to be forgotten: The vehicles also have room temperature control and travel cooling.

Our special LED meat lighting concept puts the products in the entire vehicle in the right light: the presentation areas are illuminated with the light color perfectly matched to the products. In addition, there are also further light strips for optimal lighting in the interior and under the sales hatch.

We wish Thomas Eisele and his team a lot of joy with their new XXL sales vehicles and always have a safe journey.

Meat and sausage products Individual sales vehicle
Weekly market mobile 6.70 m I 12 t

Technical data
Base vehicle: RENAULT ATK
Base vehicle: RENAULT ATK
Payload: approx. 1,600 kg
Internal dimensions (L x W x H): 6,700 x 2,370 x 2,500 mm
External dimensions (L x W x H): 10,080 x 2,550 x 3,100 mm

• 6.40 m MAXIMA TOP sales refrigerated counter, circulating air cooling, with sliding counter frame
• Maximum increased display depth according to customer requirements
• Heated body protection edge
• Vertical counter top in special colour
• 2 large tall refrigerators with revolving doors
• Refrigerator with 3 pull-out drawers below the worktop on the rear wall of the sales area
Cooling rack with hinged lid for sausages and salads
• Revolving door base cabinet
• Artificial stone wall look
• Magnetic board in wall decor design
• 13.60 m hook rails
• 2.70 m of wall shelves
• Floor heating
• Polyester floor
Ride Cooling
• Room temperature control
• Electronic anti-fog front glazing
6.40 m digital price tag rails
• Side panels with acrylic glass (custom size)
• Driver’s cabin screen with canopy flap
• Comprehensive LED meat lighting concept
Blind Spot Assist with side radar sensor and reversing camera
• Hygiene package according to DIN 10500

(All information on technical data and equipment without guarantee. Errors excepted.)

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Photos: BORCO HÖHNS, Pistolas Photography
Rotenburg (Wümme), June 2023

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