About us

Tradition brings the future onto the road.

We’ve been pursuing one goal since 1954:
offering you the perfect stage for
maximum sales success.

Because every vehicle that leaves our factory in Rotenburg an der Wümme becomes a showpiece for your company. It becomes a chapter of your success story that we’re allowed to write in this way. This goes hand in hand with huge responsibility that we’re well aware of. And that we have a strong response to: quality.

Every BORCO HÖHNS vehicle is manufactured completely in-house. It undergoes extensive quality checks and rigorous testing. This is the only way that we can meet our highest demands placed on functionality, reliability and intrinsic value. And there’s something else that’s important to us too: turning every BORCO HÖHNS vehicle into your BORCO HÖHNS vehicle. Our team understands you and your industry and will precisely customise any vehicle exactly to suit your needs. That’s how we get the future on the road by tradition. And your company to take a huge step forwards. 

BORCO HÖHNS – the need-to-know numbers


vehicle registrations per year.


highly energetic and passionate employees.


companies trust in the quality of our vehicles.


emergency service – to keep you moving.


We are – and want to remain – the market leader through innovation, quality and customer proximity.


Since our company was established, we’ve had one goal: your satisfaction.


We owe our competitive edge to you above all else. Since 1954, we’ve been in close contact with our customers, learning from one another and developing ourselves further.

Today, many thousands of customers rely on our expert staff, our state-of-the-art technologies and our product range.

To find the most expert solution for you too, we closely follow your real everyday sales life – and your individual needs.


Your customers appreciate your unique quality. We also transfer your business’s distinctiveness to your new sales vehicle. We turn every BORCO HÖHNS vehicle into your BORCO HÖHNS vehicle by listening to your requirements right from the start and incorporating them directly into your vehicle.

Customer proximity

We’re particularly proud of our proximity to our customers, because it’s based on trust.
We’re always available for you and see ourselves as an integral part of your business. That way, we form a fixed unit from the initial meeting to servicing.


Quality makes a world of difference. This much is true from the big picture down to the smallest detail. That’s why we only settle for the highest standards and regularly carry out extensive tests and quality checks – because anyone who buys a BORCO HÖHNS vehicle can expect exceptional quality. And therefore particularly high value retention.


Your BORCO HÖHNS vehicle is a reliable companion in your everyday life that you can rely on. And our servicing facilities are always available if you ever need swift support. 

This reliability has bound us together to our customers for decades. And it remains one of our most important values for the future.


All of us at BORCO HÖHNS are passionate about mobile sales. The all-important goal we share – of ensuring your success – unites us across all the divisions and creates a very special team spirit.
Every single one of us is proud when they see a BORCO HÖHNS vehicle at weekly markets, and we all look to see where there’s potential for improvement so we can offer you, our customer, even more.


We want to do more than just help your company take a sustainable step forward; we also want to treat our environment with respect. We take measures to ensure that both raw materials and energy are handled with care – and we rely on the latest technical innovations to work even more sustainably.

A futureproof career

You’ll find detailed information about vacancies, training and internships here.

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