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Strict controls for vending vehicles and vending trailers

BORCO HÖHNS renews quality guarantee for sales vehicles

All sales vehicles are thoroughly tested in accordance with accident prevention regulations. Strictest quality controls according to EU certificate of conformity for installed components.

“While other players merely promise quality, we at BORCO HÖHNS, as a premium supplier, guarantee the uncompromising quality of our vehicles as the foundation for the trust of our business partners,” says Managing Director Andreas Elsäßer, renewing the quality guarantee of the industry leader for sales vehicles and solutions for mobile sales.

BORCO HÖHNS guarantees its customers in particular that the mobile sales vehicles and sales trailers have been thoroughly tested in accordance with accident prevention regulations (UVV) and certifies the EU declarations of conformity for the installed refrigeration systems and other components.

“Only with this proof do customers enjoy full insurance coverage on machinery or financing,” Elsäßer explains. “If accident prevention regulations are not complied with, this can lead to severe fines for companies or those responsible for fleets.”

The BORCO HÖHNS quality guarantee – made in Germany

“Promised is good, guaranteed is better” underlines Sales Manager Carsten Götz the importance of the BORCO HÖHNS Quality Guarantee – made in Germany.

At BORCO HÖHNS, the test reports on the initial testing of the electrical systems, including the circuit diagrams and test records, are documented in a legally secure manner. Cooling systems and the installed liquid gas systems for combustion purposes are properly procured, installed and set up.

“It goes without saying that we comply with the provisions of the Drinking Water Ordinance just as reliably as with those of food hygiene in accordance with DIN 10 500,” Götz continues. “Our customers can trust us to ensure a high level of safety and environmental protection as an industry leader and technology driver to protect the health and safety of our customers and their customers.”

In 2018, the quality management system at BORCO HÖHNS for sales, development, chassis construction, furniture construction, vehicle interior fittings, painting, final vehicle assembly, service as well as administration was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 for the first time.

Offer of mobility guarantee and value stability

The BORCO HÖHNS quality guarantee for sales vehicles and sales trailers also includes the offer to stay mobile if necessary via a rental car service or to make use of a spare parts store 24 hours around the clock.

If the maintenance intervals are observed, then BORCO HÖHNS offers a 15-year warranty on the galvanized chassis. “At our fall show on October 24, 2021 in Rotenburg, our customers will once again discover how stable the value of our vehicles is. Used vehicles from BORCO HÖHNS also have a high resale value in the best sense of the word because of the high-quality materials and our manufacturing quality,” Sales Manager Götz knows from decades of experience.

Download: BORCO HÖHNS quality guarantee for sales vehicles (German PDF)

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