Your company doesn’t fit into any particular pigeonhole.
Why should things be any different with your vehicle?

There’s only one person who knows what your perfect sales vehicle looks like: you. Because your requirements are individual and dynamic. They evolve with your experience, with the size of your business and with the diversity of your products.

Our vehicles incorporate your trademark style.

That’s why we design our Individual models fully in line with your wishes. In thorough talks, we exchange ideas about the challenges you face on a daily basis and our decades of experience in the industry. We then develop a sales vehicle that’s built exactly the way you need it – from the counter and the flooring to the smallest drawer. The end result is a vehicle that incorporates your trademark style and in which everything runs smoothly right from the start.

An individual vehicle for every industry.

You can always rely on our numerous experts. Our employees have been at home in your industry for many years. This ensures you’re speaking to a partner – who’s always available – as an equal right from the start.


You’ve got visions – we get them on the road. Our Special vehicles make every industry mobile.

What can we do for you?