The specialist:

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Rotisserie chicken Selection
Weekly market van 4,30 m I 5,9 t

Object number: 65073

With its LED lighting concept for food and the illuminated refrigerated display case with intermediate board, the specialist creates a perfect stage for the real stars of the show: your products. Convenient and with plenty storage space, this van creates ideal conditions for your sales success.


  • UBERT RT 66 DUO infrared chicken rotisserie grill with glass swing door
  • Drip tray
  • Stainless-steel container for rotisserie utensils
  • 2-duct extractor system
  • Large chicken refrigerator with hinged doors
Generously sized sales hatch
Stainless-steel container for rotisserie utensils
Space-saving folding refrigerator doors
Mandatory gas vent integrated in the floor
GN containers in roller-guided drawer

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