The breakfast tourer:

Get a taste for it.

Breakfast Selection
Touring van 2,90 m I 3,5 t

Object number: 65034

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and deserves the best sales environment. The breakfast tourer is the perfect basis to build your mobile breakfast service on and will quickly whet the appetites of customers and staff alike.


  • 2.10 m refrigerated counter with silent cooling system, for 8 trays (5 trays as display, 3 trays as stock below)
  • 0.80 m baked goods counter for 2 trays
  • 0.80 m intermediate counter for 2 trays
  • 3 large storage compartments above the sales counter
  • 4 generously sized, height-adjustable presentation shelves on the back wall
Vertical countertop attachment
LED technology integrated in the vertical glass attachment
Height-adjustable shelf system on the sales vehicle’s back wall
Removable work surface for custom add-on equipment

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