The food truck:

The all-rounder for your business.

Foodtruck Selection
Weekly market van 4,00 m I 3,5 t

Object number: 64998

Whether it’s at street food festivals, weekly markets, events or parties, the food truck is the perfect vehicle for culinary variety. With its professional and convenient equipment, it has everything you need to prepare, present and sell your tasty treats.


  • Ubert 2-basket deep fryer
  • Bartscher Saladette incl. 5 GN containers
  • Ubert griddle plate with 4 heating zones
  • Bain-marie incl. 1 GN container
  • LIEBHERR display refrigerator
Attractive design
Convenient work and preparation surface with screen for the hygiene package
Space for additional floor unit
Glass countertop attachment with payment shelf

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