The bestseller:

The vehicle of choice in any market.

Baked goods Selection
Touring van 2,90 m I 3,5 t

Object number: 65048

The bestseller makes getting started with mobile sales an absolute breeze. With its practical features, it’s perfectly tailored to the baked goods industry and will be your new companion on every tour.


  • 1.30 m refrigerated counter for 5 trays (3 trays presentation, 2 trays stocking)
  • 1.60 m baked goods counter for 4 trays
  • 1.60 m intermediate counter for 4 trays
  • 7.00 m aluminium bread board system over 3 shelves
  • 2.30 m presentation and storage area below the bread board system
Perfect mobile shop fitting
Hinged counter glazing
Sliding acrylic glass pane in the refrigerated counter area
Perfect counter lighting concept

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