The mobile branch:

A trailer for supporters of mobile sales success.

Baked goods Selection
Sales trailer 4,50 m I 2,0 t

Object number: 37893

The mobile branch offers enough space to show your business at its best. The mobile branch is impressive with a customer-friendly sales counter, a high level of working comfort and lots of individual extras.


  • 1.30 m refrigerated counter with silent cooling system for 5 trays (3 trays presentation, 2 trays stocking)
  • 3.20 m baked goods counter for 8 trays
  • 3.20 m intermediate counter for 8 trays
  • 11.00 m aluminium bread board system over 4 shelves
  • 2.80 m presentation and storage area below the bread board system
Coordinated lighting concept in mobile shop fitting
Integrated storage system in the counter concept

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